South Carolina Nursing Homes by County

Compare ratings and inspection reports of 189 nursing homes in South Carolina (SC)

Finding the best nursing home may be a time consuming and tedious chore. Our Nursing Home Inspector ToolTM makes this comparison process much easier. We focus on inspection deficiencies in relation to their severity to paint a more realistic picture of the quality of a nursing home. We also examine staffing hours and resident condition. You can also do an advanced search to narrow by payment type: Medicare, Medicaid, or both. While reviewing these inspection reports, write down key points about each facility and any questions that come to mind. Feel free to print the reports for later. Use our tool as a starting point and be sure to visit the nursing home prior to making decision.

Step 1: Select your county below:

Step 2: Sort the Nursing Homes by Star Rating

Sort the nursing homes by star rating to compare the best facilities in your area. We suggest sorting by deficiency rating as this is a good indicator of quality. You can also sort by overall rating, staffing rating, and resident condition rating.

Step 3: View Detailed Inspection Reports

Finally, click the detailed inspection reports to determine which facilities you want to visit. The reports may span 3 cycles, depending on data availablity. Take your time and know the facts before choosing a facility!

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