Hair Washing Trays


Nurses Notes

EZ Shampoo Hair Washing Basin:

My fellow nurses and I often referred to this simple product as "the baby pool'. Yes its very practical and easy for just about anybody to use. This hair washing basin made it possible to fulful many requests for getting a shampoo from our our bedbound patients. It is always rewarding to see the joy it gives to our patients to have fresh clean hair. . When your elderly mother is confined to bed then this might be your solution for shampooing her hair at home.

Jobar Shampoo Hair Washing Tray:

It's a very simple yet practical device that adds great comfort to your loved one's hair washing experience. When your elderly mother has limited mobility, confined to a wheelchair, or unable to stand for long periods it is the perfect answer for shampooing her hair. If recovering from an operation or illness it's not always possible for your loved one to safely get into the shower. A nice refreshing shampoo using this hair washing tray to assist can give them a big boost. Very often I have been asked by my patients over the years if it was possible to get their hair washed. Such a simple request that with the aid of this tray was able to be fulfilled. Clean hair just seems to make everyone feel a lot better. 


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