Hand Sanitizers


Nurses Notes

Coloplast Isagel No Rinse Instant Hand Sanitizer:
Homecare nurses always keep a bottle of waterless hand sanitizer as it comes in handy especially when no water source nearby or just for easy hand washing when on the go. Caregivers will find it useful when traveling for their own use of loved ones. Remember to keep a bottle in the car. Simply place a small amount of Isagel® into the palm of dry hand. Rub hands together in a circular motion. Interlace fingers and rub around fingernails until Isagel® has evaporated (about 15 to 30 seconds). No soap or water is required.

PDI Sani Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipe:

Keep a cannister of these handy in your home, car, or office whether its flu season or just everyday germs you are avoiding. Handwashing is the key to preventing the spead of illess but sometimes not convenient. These antibacterial wipes do the job when old fashion handwashing not available. Remember to use them after visiting public places where germs are rampid. Well worth your time and investment to maintain your health.

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