Heel Elbow Protectors


Nurses Notes

Briggs DMI Universal Elbow Protector:

The key to preventing bedsores or prevent them from worsening is to eliminate source of pressure. Heels and elbows are very common locations for bedsores to develop. Protectors such as these will help reduce pressure. TIP: Roll a towel under heels to keep them off the bed and eliminate all pressure if possible. If pressure sores have already developed, consider consulting physician about treating with Duoderm dressings as they promote healing and will stay intact on difficult areas like heels and elbows.

Heelbo Heel and Elbow Protector:

Protect and reduce pressure to elbows and heels. Designed to prevent pressure ulcers sometimes known as bedsores to these high-risk locations. When your elderly Mom has less mobility following a hip operation or Dad is laid up with the flu, the threat of skin breaking down is genuine. Once a bed sore develops on your loved one’s heel or elbow it can take months to heal and be a great source of pain. These heel and elbow protectors reduce pressure, rubbing, chaffing, and friction to these vulnerable body parts. Heel and elbow protectors are necessary prevention products to include in your arsenal against pressure sores.

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