Heel Elbow Protectors


Nurses Notes

Briggs DMI Universal Elbow Protector:

 Tried and true these heel protectors have been around for many years. Simple design, easy to apply, soft and comfortable. A sensible initial preventive measure when your loved ones are at risk for pressure sores. Heels and elbows are very common locations for bedsores to develop.

Elasto Gel Heel Protector Boot:

These Innovative heel protectors might be just the answer for protecting vulnerable heels from pressure sores. The unique design offers protection all around the heel and ankle making them very practical. The gel inserts are another unique feature for more comfort and protection as well for your loved ones.

Heelbo Heel and Elbow Protector:

Protect and reduce pressure to elbows and heels. Designed to prevent pressure ulcers sometimes known as bedsores to these high-risk locations. When your elderly Mom has less mobility following a hip operation or Dad is laid up with the flu, the threat of skin breaking down is genuine. Once a bed sore develops on your loved one’s heel or elbow it can take months to heal and be a great source of pain. These heel and elbow protectors reduce pressure, rubbing, chaffing, and friction to these vulnerable body parts. Heel and elbow protectors are necessary prevention products to include in your arsenal against pressure sores.

Posey Heel Pillows:

By far our nurses' favorite heel protector for immoblized patients. They are effective at preventing pressure sores on our loved ones' vulnerable heels and offer comfort at the same time. Soft, smooth, cozy, and yes cloud-like are just a few comments heard from those wearing them. While not made to wear when walking around they are exceptional for use when confined to bed.

Posey Knitted Heel Elbow Protector:

Protecting vulnerable heels and elbows to those immobolized is critical to prevent pressure sores. Our elderly are especially at risk for pressure sores also known as bedsores when they are confined to bed for lengthy periods of time. Heel and elbow protectors are practical to apply to your loved ones heels and elbows for round the clock usage. Be sure to have some pairs to wear and  other pairs to wash. Remove protectors, clean skin, and message elbows and heels before repplying fresh pairs. Preventing skin breakdown and maintaining skin integrity is unquestionably the goal.

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