Pillows Wedges


Nurses Notes

Alex Therapeutic Cervical Neck Pillow:
This multipurpose pillow will come in handy while caring for your loved ones at home. It is a simple and cost effective way to add comfort especially when confined to bed for an extended period of time.

Hermell Butterfly Pillow:

Easy means of adding comfort and an effective good sleep aid.

Hermell Dual Position Comfort Bed Wedge:

This multipurpose wedge pillow are a good value and have been around for years surviving the test of time. They come in many shapes and sizes to facilitate eating, drinking, reading, computer work, and watching TV from the comfort of your loved one’s bed. Seniors often employ them to elevate their heads to relieve breathing problems and indigestion. Flipping the wedge to the foot of the bed transforms it into a leg elevator to relieve swelling. A sensible, healing, and comforting accessory that fits a small gift budget. 

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