Kendall STA Put Disposable Bed Pads
Kendall STA Put Disposable Bed Pads

Kendall STA Put Disposable Bed Pads

Kendall STA-PUT Disposable Bed Pads are designed to provide greater bed coverage, larger absorbent area and protection that is equal to three to four regular fluff underpads. They contain extra heavy absorbent polymer to provide maximum incontinence protection and odor controlling agent to neutralize odors. STA-PUT Underpads have adhesive strips to minimize pad movement and bunching. They provide heavy absorbency.

  • Nurse's Tips for Caregivers
    Nurses' Tips for Caregivers

    STA-PUT Underpads give extra comfort, eliminate waste, and reduce caregiver duties. They perform just as their name implies using adhesive strips/tuckable wings to secure them. Less movement on the bed means no more bunching, tearing, and more comfort at the same time. Adding to your loved one's comfort is always a definite bonus. Disposable underpads are too costly to squander making Sta-put pads clearly a winner by eliminating unnecessary waste. Moreover, because the pads stay put it is less likely that an accident will occur resulting in soiled bed linens. Caregivers will appreciate avoiding extra laundry due to more consistent coverage making it a winner again.

Kendall STA Put Disposable Bed Pads
Size: 30" x 36" with Adhesive Strips, Pack of 12

Item: 68959-PK
Manf: Covidien


Pack of 12

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