Salk CareFor Deluxe Waterproof Incontinence Underpad
Salk CareFor Deluxe Waterproof Incontinence Underpad

Salk CareFor Deluxe Waterproof Incontinence Underpad

Enjoy peace of mind with Salk’s CareFor Deluxe Underpad, carefully designed to protect bedding and chairs from moisture from incontinence. Our incontinence pad combines a Stay-Dry top layer with a waterproof binding that prevents moisture from leaking over the edge. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a long-lasting incontinence pad built to absorb, trap and wick fluids.  This underpad is available in 5 sizes; dimensions are approximate. 100% waterproof non-slip surface guaranteed by a PVC/polyester back sheet Quilted three-layer construction maintains sturdy shape after numerous washes Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal top sheet wicks fluid away and inhibits bacterial growth

  • Nurse's Tips for Caregivers
    Nurses' Tips for Caregivers

    These soft quilted type washable bad pads in my opinion are by far one of most cost-saving, underused, but more efficient means of providing protection and enhancing patient comfort. Spend the money initially to buy two or three reusable bed pads, one to wash, another to use, and forget using disposables all together or use only in conjunction with reusable pads. Yes saving laundry workload is important for busy caregivers but compromise by using disposable pads sparingly with washable pad under the disposable for added protection. Bear in mind that washable pads will not only serve to better protect bed linens then disposable counterparts but double as a sturdy draw sheet for moving patients in bed. Your patient will justly prefer resting on soft cozy cotton quilted pads and benefit improved skin integrity versus that of irritating paper plastic-like disposables. Keep in mind that washing a single reusable pad still doesn’t weigh against the time-consuming task of changing and washing the entire bed linens due to an accident.

Salk CareFor Deluxe Waterproof Incontinence Underpad
Size: 23" x 36"

Item: 841990-EA
Manf: Salk Company

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