Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar
Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Our nurses here really like the versatility of this product that also makes it very cost effective. Security Pole and Curve grab bar is a tension mounted, floor to ceiling pole that allows the user to rise from a sitting position with the pivoting Curve Grab Bar, which provides 4 hand grips at 4 different heights and locks in place every 45 degrees. It is adjustable, fitting straight ceiling heights 7ft to 10ft, Not Vaulted/slanted. It is portable as main pole easily separates into two 53 ' pieces making it easy to transport. Very adaptable due to not needing wall mounts and can be installed in virtually any area of a room exactly where it is needed. Delivery usually within 3-5 business days Specifications: • Rust resistant zinc plated steel with Durable powder coat finish • Fits ceiling heights: range of 7-10 ft ceiling • Weight Capacity: 300lbs • Weight of Product: 20lbs • Package Dimensions: 54.00" L x 12.50" W x 2.75" H; 22 lbs • How is it installed? The pole is tension mounted between the floor and the ceiling. It is not necessary to screw into the floor and ceiling, but screws are provided in case the user wants to • What tools are needed for assembly? A wrench is included with each unit and no other tools are needed for assembly • Does it damage the floor or ceiling? Rubber pads are on the bottom and top of the pole to protect the floor and ceiling • What ceiling heights does it accommodate? 7ft to 10ft ceilings. • Can be placed anywhere in the house • Pivoting Curve Grab Bar can be positioned where it is most needed • Wrench included and no other tools required for assembly  

  • Nurse's Tips for Caregivers
    Nurses' Tips for Caregivers

    The versatility of this product makes it very cost effective. Often support for frail or weaker individuals is needed is certain locations throughout the home such as next to bed, favorite easy chair or in bathroom next to commode. It offers strong support to those needing assistance with transfers to maintain independence by easing the getting up and down process. The weight capacity up to 300 lbs person applies to full weight bearing by user and unlikely that user would bear all weight at any given time.

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar
Fits Ceiling Heights: 7 ft - 10 ft, Color: Black

Item: STD1100B-EA
Manf: Standers Inc

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