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Medegen Medical Deluxe Male Urinal
Medegen Medical Deluxe Male Urinal

Medegen Medical Deluxe Male Urinal

Medegen Deluxe Urinal with Hanging Lid 1 qt, Translucent, Polypropylene. Translucent urinals permit measuring ease and visualization of contents. Specially designed notched handle conveniently hangs on most styles and sizes of bedrails. Handle is a separate chamber and will not fill during use. Snug fitting odor shield is marked "Urinal" to avoid other uses. Wide base improves standing stability whether empty or full. Patient conforming neck angle and opening helps confine contents when urinal is positioned horizontally. Can conveniently be placed either vertically or horizontally and features a large loop handle for easy handling. Graduated: 25cc and 1 oz increments up to 1000cc.

  • Nurse's Tips for Caregivers
    Nurses' Tips for Caregivers

    Urinals designed for men are a simple but at times very necessary and handy device. When your loved one is confined to bed or a chair it is advisable to own at least a few urinals. Anytime your loved one is having trouble getting up and down to the bathroom it is practical to have him use a urinal. They can be used over and over again by simply cleaning with soap and water and occasionally add some white vinegar to eliminate odors. Please note that if your loved one is prone to falling a night when getting up it is mandatory to keep a urinal at the bedside. Strongly enforce him to use it and keep it empty to avoid night time spills.

Medegen Medical Deluxe Male Urinal
Capacity: 32 fluid oz

Item: KIH140D01-EA
Manf: Medegen Medical Products, Llc

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