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Sheepskin Ranch Heel Protector
Sheepskin Ranch Heel Protector

Sheepskin Ranch Heel Protector

Sheepskin Ranch Heel Protector is made with 100% genuine medical sheepskin. This heel protector features a velcro fastener and is machine washable. How do sheepskin heel protectors prevent bedsores?

  • Reduce pressure at the point of body contact
  • Eliminate friction and tearing of the skin
  • Prevent the buildup of surface moisture, keeping the patient dry


  • Nurse's Tips for Caregivers
    Nurses' Tips for Caregivers

    Sheepskin with its unique qualities has been employed for many years to prevent bed sores. Tried and true, easy to apply, and designed for pressure reduction makes these heel sheepkin protectors a good choice to protect your loved ones vulnerable heels. Velcro straps keep them comfortably in place. Keep in mind that avoiding any skin breakdown is always a priority when caring for your loved ones.

Sheepskin Ranch Heel Protector
Single, One size fits most

Item: SHP103-EA
Manf: Sheepskin Ranch, Inc.

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