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  • 5277 old brownsville road suite 205
  • corpus christi, TX 78405
  • Phone: 361-855-0848
  • Medicare Provider #: 459433
  • Medicare Certified: 11/19/1998
  • Ownership Type: 1

Services Offered

  •   Skilled Nursing
  •   Physical Therapy
  •   Occupational Therapy
  •   Speech Pathology
  •   Medical Social Services
  •   Home Health Aide

About This Agency:

Coastal Home Health Care, an Affordable In-Home Health Care Agency Serving the San Antonio, Beeville, Corpus Christi and the surrounding rural cities in Texas. Coastal Home Health Care makes use of certified and trained health experts to provide specialized health services to patients with a specific need. As an Industry leader, we are well experienced in-home health care management.

Our Services At Coastal Home Health Care, we provide a variety of Home Health Care services designed to take care of various needs. The services we provide include:

Nursing Coastal Home Health Care offers Tailored Care services Backed by Research and Supported by Trained Nursing Staff who are available 24/7. You can book for Expert care with Licensed Nurses On-site for your loved one. Contact us today to plan a Visit!

Physical Therapy Coastal Home Health Care offers wide-ranging inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative services to individuals recuperating from disabilities instigated by illnesses or injuries. Our Physical Therapy service aids patients regain their cognitive or physical abilities, so they will be to return to their highest level of independence. We make available personalized treatment with hands-on therapy. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

Occupational Therapy The Occupational Therapy service we provide at Coastal Home Health Care caters for treatment covering the physical, psychological and psychiatric conditions over carefully selected activities to aid client’s treatment. Our Occupational Therapy service aims to attain the best level of functionality and independence in every aspect for our clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Speech Pathology Coastal Home Health Care make use of an experienced and passionate team of speech pathologists in offering our friendly Speech Pathology services. Usually done in a comfortable and relaxed environment, we assess, diagnose, and treat clients of all age group with different communication issues. Kindly get in touch with us today to book an appointment or discuss this service.

Medical Social We also engage in giving Medical social works to aid individuals and families handle the emotive and social responses to medical conditions. Our Medical Social also provides specialized social services to patients with health conditions that necessitate hospitalization. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

Homecare Certified and experienced home health aides deliver the Homecare services we provide. We are committed to providing quality services. Also, our caregivers maintain a high level of proficiencies in performing an assortment of homecare tasks. Feel free to schedule an appointment today.

Provider care Our provider care services are available for elderly family members and loved ones who favor the comfort of staying at home. Our Provider care services are designed and varied to cover a broader range of requirements. Coastal Home Health Care customized care plans guarantee your loved one would get tailored care required to live safely.

Hospice The Hospice Services we provide offer medical care to help someone with a terminal illness live as well as possible for as long as possible, increasing quality of life. We provide an interdisciplinary team of professionals who address physical, social, and spiritual needs focused on both the patient and their entire family. The goal of this service is to comfort and care while striving to enable patients to enjoy the best of life.

We are fully registered and Insured. call to find out more and schedule a visit today.

*not all services provided in each area of Texas we serve. Please call for questions.

Quality of Care Report    Updated: 4-29-2021

Description of Measure
Agency Score
How often the home health team began their patients' care in a timely manner
93 %
How often the home health team taught patients (or their family caregivers) about their drugs
100 %
How often the home health team checked patients' risk of falling
100 %
How often the home health team checked patients for depression
99 %
How often the home health team determined whether patients received a flu shot for the current flu season
73 %
How often the home health team made sure that their patients received a pneumococcal vaccine (pneumonia shot)
82 %
With diabetes, how often the home health team got doctor's orders, gave foot care, and taught patients about foot care
98 %
How often patients got better at walking or moving around
67 %
How often patients got better at getting in and out of bed
68 %
How often patients got better at bathing
72 %
How often patients' breathing improved
57 %
How often patients' wounds improved or healed after an operation
Not Available
How often patients got better at taking their drugs correctly by mouth
60 %
How often home health patients had to be admitted to the hospital
23 %
How often patients receiving home health care needed urgent, unplanned care in the ER without being admitted
8 %
Changes in skin integrity post-acute care: pressure ulcer/injury
0 %
How often physician-recommended actions to address medication issues were completely timely
97 %

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